Team Parrella Presents: Martial Arts Business Accelerator 5.0. Now Open for More Schools!

It's here: The 1-on-1 coaching program from Team Parrella that's taken hundreds of schools from where they are now... to where they've always wanted to be. We know what it takes to grow schools. And we want to share it with you. Will you let us? Then grab one of the spots now and let's accelerate.

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a few of the many sick perks of m.a.b.a. 5.0

We've got a "secret" addition to M.A. Business Accelerator too. But we can't share it quite yet. Here's the bare minimum of what you get:


"It’s been worth EVERY penny and has paid for itself 10x over!"

Our coach is amazing! He’s guided us to get more than 300 Facebook likes in only a few months, and has increased our lead generation and sales of trials by 25%. Thanks again Super Coach!

- Greg & Megan Johnston

“We have a new outlook and are in an amazing process of change for the better.”

It wasn’t until I started getting coaching that I realized the potential of what my school has to offer. I am pumped and ready to go and highly recommend Coach Storms & Team Parrella.

- Joe Keit

1-on-1 Coaching Means It's Personal. And Just for You.

No one else is on your monthly phone calls. They're 100% focused on your unique situation.

Whatever you're facing - we'll help you solve. Then we'll guide you to greatness.


This is a Judgement Free Zone... and a Lot of Fun ;-)

If you're doing things that are hurting your success - of course we'll tell you.

But we'll never judge you or make you feel bad about it. We're just here to support you and help you grow.

And our time together isn't "super formal" or anything either. It feels more like friendly phone calls that are a lot of fun. (Lots of laughing & smiling inside.)

But you walk away from those calls with pages of notes & an air-tight game plan that'll immediately help you grow.

Get our proven game plan for making your school grow.

You've seen the crazy numbers our coaching clients post. You've heard the amazing stories.

None of this is by accident. We just know how to grow martial arts schools.

We know what it takes to get you from where you are to greatness. And we're passionate about helping you achieve that. Will you join us?


Meet Your coaches

These coaches have mastered Mike Parrella's incredible strategies for rapid school growth.

That means you're getting 1-on-1 guidance from two people who spend more time learning from Mike than just about anyone else on the planet. You get Mike's secrets for running 7-figure locations... and 8-figure businesses... in every call. Not bad, right?


adam kifer

team parrella expert & coach

"My favorite part of coaching is seeing the before and after transformation. I love it when I get to see school owners changing the way they see and think about their business in order to help it grow. When a client tells me that I helped to change their family's life, there is nothing more powerful."

"Adam Kifer has over 25 years of martial arts training. He's also spent 17 years learning and mastering every role within a martial arts school from program director to chief instructor.

Specializing in marketing, operations, and employee culture, Adam is best known for helping his clients to establish systems, grow their monthly revenue, and sustain their success.

Adam also owns the martial arts company, Level Up, a leader in providing essential services that help school owners to save time and money while adding a new layer of professionalism to their schools."


Ryan Healy

team parrella expert & coach

Working for Michael for almost 20 years, Ryan's entire adult life has been in the membership based business. Having a hand in each of Michael's companies, Ryan's wealth of knowledge and experience ranges from sales, to customer service, social media engagement, staff recruitment and management as well as turning studios into profit machines. It's been said that if you work with Ryan, he'll care more about your success than you will! We are excited to have Ryan on Team Parrella and look forward to his continuing contribution.

Everything that's included

The Full Package, Designed to Help You Grow:

1-on-1 phone call - Every Month.

It's just you and your Team Parrella coach.

Group hot seat - every month.

Live Video Skype calls with you, your Team Parrella coach, and 4 other school owners where you help each other with problems yo'u'e facing, gain support, and learn a LOT.

One of the most powerful coaching experiences you'll ever have. Guaranteed.

new accountability system.

Gain access to the Secret Accelerator Facebook Group where you'll network, share, ask questions, and learn from your fellow school owners and your Team Parrella coaches.

An awesome, tight-knit, helpful community.


Price & Guarantee

Just $199 /

Just $199 covers everything above. Here's the thing: We've proven to the industry that we know how to grow schools. So the question isn't "Is this worth $199?"

The question is: Are you ready to invest $50 / week in your own growth and success? Are you ready for the next level? Then grab one of the LIMITED spots available and let's do this.

Cancel Any

Accelerator comes with a 30-day cancellation policy. No long-term contracts or anything like that.

You stay on board as long as you need, and cancel when you're ready. Cool?

100% Money Back Guaranteed

Try out Accelerator for 30 days RISK-FREE. If you don't love the program for ANY reason - let us know for a full refund. 

>We just want to help you and make friends. If it's not the right fit - no problem, no hard feelings. Fair enough?

let's accelerate »

Grab one of the spots now before they're all taken.

And start Accelerating your school... and your life... today.

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